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What is Talent 4 India Scholarships?

T4I India in association with NIE is a national-level scholarship Test. It helps student to take the first step towards their goal with an opportunity to get cash rewards and up to 100% scholarship.

To help young minds take better and informed career choices, and to help them get a glimpse of the nature of various competitive exams, the 1st edition of Talent 4 India was conducted in 2021. This is the 2nd consecutive year that we are conducting this test. More than 1 lakh students from 1,00+ schools have participated and benefited from Talent 4 India.

 Simplified process for the students:

1: All scholarships information available under one umbrella.

2: Single integrated application for all scholarships

  Latest Updates

>> Exam Date : 1 May 2023

>> Last Date of Admission 25 April 2023

>> 1st Prize - 10 Lakh Cash
>> 2nd Prize - 5 Lakh Cash
>> 3rd Prize - 2.51 Lakh Cash

>> 4th to 20th Student get laptop HP
>>21 to 50 Student Scholarship for higher studies.

We Professionally Managed Talent Program

Painting And Drawing Competition

Regiteration Fees : Rs. 299 

National Scholarship Exam

Regiteration Fees : Rs. 499 

Wheelchair  Cricket Tournaments

Coming Soon

Indian Style Wrestling Program

Registration Fees : Rs. 2500

Coming Soon

National Cricket Tournament

Registration Fees per Team : Rs. 25000

Coming Soon

National Weightlifting Competition

Registration Fees : Rs. 3500

Coming Soon

Transgender Sports Showcase Talent

Registration Fees : Free

Coming Soon

National Singing Competition

Registration Fees : Rs.1199

Coming Soon

National Dance Competition

Registration Fees : Rs. 299

Coming Soon

Participation Benefits

T4I provides a platform where students can judge their intellectual potential at the national and international levels. The T4I exam is based on the syllabus of CBSE, ICSE and State Boards. Thus, preparing for this exam will be a pre-practice for them for their school exams.

Participation in Indian School Talent Search Exam(T4I) will help students in many ways:


Identify their academic strengths and weaknesses. Monitor and compare their year on year achievement with other students.

Students will be able to measure the limits of their capabilities. They will understand the challenging academic work they should undertake to realize their true potential.

Early Exposure to Learning and Competition

Participants tend to become very sharp-minded and “smart problem solvers” as a result of the competition.

It allows students to hone their skills by requiring them to solve various problems at a level that they are unlikely to meet in their classroom.

Recognition and Awards

Recognition & Medals

The top 3 students from each class will be awarded

  • Rank 1 –  10 Lakh
  • Rank 2 –  2.5 Lakh
  • Rank 3 – 1.51 Lakh
  • Rank (4-20) – Laptop
  • Rank (21-50) – Mobile Tab

Recognition is the best form of appreciation. Each participating student will get a certificate. The student who scores

  • 95% or above will get a Scholar Certificate along with a Gold Medal
  • 90% to 94.99% will get an Outstanding Performance Certificate along with a Silver Medal
  • 80% to 89.99% will get a Distinguished Performance Certificate along with a Bronze Medal
  • 60% to 79.99% will get a Participation Certificate
  • Below 60% will get a digital Participation Certificate

2022 Year Winner List

Yashika Singh
(1st Winner)

Ritika Singh
(2nd Winner)

(3rd Winner)

Rahul Singh
(4th Winner)

Kavita Kumari
(5th Winner)